From celebration cakes, cookies and pies, to scones & breakfast pastries, our elegant offerings change with the season, and proudly feature a bounty of Jersey-grown produce. With a full-service pastry shop on the horizon, we continue to serve our loyal customers in the greater Westfield and Montclair, NJ areas with regular Farmer’s Market appearances, seasonal catering menus, and made-to-order treats.



Baker Jenny Belliveau is the sweetest food snob you’ll ever meet. A natural creative, Jenny’s love-affair with high-end, homemade confections has been evolving for a lifetime. Always hungry, she spent her childhood in the kitchen sneaking tastes from her Italian grandma and mother, but it wasn’t until later that her need to create such deliciousness surpassed her desire to consume it.  After embarking on a decade-long career in media production & advertising, Jenny could deny her true love no longer.


In 2016, she hung up her producer hat, tied on an apron and enrolled in an intensive pastry class at the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) in New York. There, Jenny’s imaginative spirit rendezvoused with her affection for the elegant and edible, and the idea for A Butter Life began to bloom. Mixing the rich, memorable flavors of childhood treats with a refined and passionate palate, A Butter Life would bring truly sophisticated sweets to those in search of the “real thing”.  She began working for ICE as a chef’s assistant, gaining exposure to a variety of cuisines, techniques and personalities, and later joined the opening team at Montclair’s Vanillamore Restaurant as a pastry cook.  In the Spring of 2018, Jenny decided it was time to devote herself fully to her dream of A Butter Life, and debuted at the Westfield Farmer’s Market.